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IP PBX UC500 Telephony Systems - Cisco Leads the Way

By Chris Bricker  posted November 22nd, 2011 at 10:42AM EST

While Cisco's recent product stumbles are well known, the UC500/520/540 (unified communications) series has been exceptionally well received. Many companies have traditional PBX systems. The Cisco UC 500 Series provides an IP based PBX type phone system that combines security, routing, and switching in an integrated, affordable package suitable for nearly all smaller business and offices.

Switch and VOIP Phone Compatibility

The UC500 devices integrate nicely with Cisco switches and IP Phones and Accessories - but choose carefully, some of Cisco's newer versions are designed to only work with specific phones. Cisco has done a great job in combining their gold-standard VOIP offerings in a single system, integrating features you associate with a high quality company phone system, including:

  • From 8 to 64 IP phone stations (support for voicemail, extensions, etc)

  • From 4 to 12 analog trunks, 2 to 6 Basic Rate Interface (BRI) digital trunks, or T1/E1 PRI trunks

  • Integrated voicemail

  • Automated attendant

  • Integrated business productivity applications

  • Integrated security

  • Music on hold

  • Integrated wireless on select models including support for smart phones (indicated with a "W" after the model number - as in UC520W)

  • Call Manager Express features including call forwarding, voice memos, call recording, and other features

  • Simple system configuration and management, including GUI interface

  • Built in power over ethernet switching for connections to individual phone stations

  • Integration with ESW 500 Small Business Series switch family to intelligently interact with the UC500 gateway

  • Integrated security features

  • Optimized for use with Cisco VOIP phones

There are several general lines, the most versatile of which is the UC520, which supports all Cisco VOIP phones (other series only support Cisco's newest phones or specific series). Among IP PBX Systems and Gateways, the Cisco UC500 is at present basically unsurpassed - a genuinely excellent product offering.

Models and Features

There are a number of UC500 lines and configurations, and you should feel free to contact us to help you choose the model right for your need. We stock most Cisco UC 500 Series systems, the Catalyst Express and ESW switch family, and IP Phones and Accessories for immediate shipment.

Available models are listed below, and most can be modified and customized to meet the unique environment of individual offices. In addition to the UC520 bundle listed below, additional hardware components would normally include select Catalyst Express ESW switches and VOIP phones, such as Cisco CP-7940G, CP-7941G, CP-7960G, CP-7975G, or any of the many IP Phones and Accessories available.

Wired Models

Model Users FXO BRI T1/E1 PoE VIC
UC520-8U-4FXO-K9 8 4 None None 8 1
UC520-8U-2BRI-K9 8 None 2 None 8 1
UC520-16U-4FXO-K9 16 4 None None 8 1
UC520-16U-2BRI-K9 16 None 2 None 8 1
UC520-32U-8FXO-K9 32 8 None None 8 1
UC520-32U-4BRI-K9 32 None 4 None 8 1
UC520-48U-12FXO-K9 32 12 None None 8 1
UC520-48U-6BRI-K9 48 None 6 None 8 1
UC520-48U-T/E/B-K9 48 None 2 1 8 1

Wireless Models

Model Users FXO BRI T1/E1 PoE VIC
UC520W-8U-4FXO-K9 8 4 None None 8 1
UC520W-8U-2BRI-K9 8 None 2 None 8 1
UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 16 4 None None 8 1
UC520W-16U-2BRI-K9 16 None 2 None 8 1
UC520W-32U-8FXO-K9 32 8 None None 8 1
UC520W-32U-4BRI-K9 32 None 4 None 8 1
UC520W-48U-12FXO-K9 32 12 None None 8 1
UC520W-48U-6BRI-K9 48 None 6 None 8 1
UC520W-48U-T/E/B-K9 48 None 2 1 8 1