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About ISPTrader

Company Overview

ISPTrader is a trusted and reliable worldwide provider of new and refurbished network and telecommunications equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise, and in standing behind what we deliver. The company was founded in 1994, and has grown steadily ever since. At present, we have offices in the USA and Ukraine. We have clients in every corner of the world, and ship internationally every week – even to the most difficult locations. ISPTrader’s innovative business model is designed to benefit customers by providing high quality equipment and knowledgeable, personal service at competitive prices.

Our Business

ISPTrader sells and buys network and telecommunications equipment worldwide. Our business model is based on the building blocks of low costs, access to inventory sources, technical expertise, international business experience, reliability, and customer support. We particularly value our reputation for providing genuine, high quality equipment, for personal attention to our customer before, during, and after a purchase, and for standing behind what we sell.

We are an authorized distributor of Cantata and Patton products, and are partners with a Cisco authorized distributor to provide Cisco-direct new equipment. ISPTrader stocks or has access to hundreds of millions of dollars of on-hand genuine equipment through its trade relationships, including Cisco, Nortel, Foundry, 3Com, Lucent, IBM, Lenovo, HP, Juniper, Extreme, Redback, Sun, Avaya, and many others. Clients often ask how we are able to underprice our competitors? This is because of our unique ‘zero overhead’ cost model. Our business structure has eliminated most administrative and facilities costs; all our facilities are multi-use, and all our staff are cross-trained to perform all business functions. This not only lowers prices but also helps us respond more quickly and flexibly to our clients’ needs.

Financial Stability

ISPTrader has been a stable business since its inception, and has rock-solid financials. Financially, the company is managed very conservatively. Nearly 100% of its purchasing is conducted on a cash-basis, so the company has no liens, mortgages, or liabilities of any kind. The company routinely maintains over $1 million cash on hand with National City Bank, has a perfect credit history, and carries an on-hand inventory of $5 million to meet current customer requirements. ISPTrader sells millions of dollars in network equipment annually with companies of all sizes, and regularly manages contracts ranging in size from a few thousand to over one million dollars. ISPTrader’s reputation in its industry is superior, and trade references are available.

Key Information and Addresses

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  • Address (USA): 30900 Brookwood Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44124 USA
  • Address (Ukraine): Suite 21, The Towers, Observatorny Lane, Odessa, Ukraine

ISPTrader is the business name of North Coast Online Inc, incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1994. The company is a member of the United Network Equipment Dealers Association – the professional association of network equipment dealers, as well as numerous trade organizations. ISPTrader is registered with the Department of Homeland Security and T.S.A. as a known shipper to provide worldwide delivery of network and telecommunications equipment.

Principal and Founder

The company was founded by Dr. Robert Bricker, Ph.D, C.P.A. in 1994. Dr. Bricker’s vision of ISPTrader is a reliable company that can deliver high quality network equipment, provide responsive customer support, and offer the lowest possible price, anywhere in the world. Dr. Bricker has been a Business Professor at Case University’s School of Management in Cleveland for over 15 years, has been a business advisor as a C.P.A. (certified public accountant), and has been an I.T. director. Today, ISPTrader is staffed by a well-trained and motivated team that share his vision.