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Cisco 7206VXR High Power Routers

7200 series routers are flexible, powerful, and compact. They typically are provisioned with single or dual AC or DC power supplies, a network processing engine CPU (NPE), an IO card (not needed with the newer NPE engines), and optional port adaptors (PA). The 7206VXR, along with the 7204VXR (identical except with just 4 PA slots), can handle virutally all types of trunk connections, whether ATM, POS, OC3, T1/E1, RJ, and others, and even support data processing and content handling, including voice/data/video/fax. The 7206VXR can be used as either a core or edge router, and if traffic demands begin to exceed this router's capabilities, users can consider (1) upgrading the NPE engine or (2) moving up to a 7304 or 7600 series high power router. Helpfully, most PA cards installed in the 7206VXR can be used in both of these higher level routers. Related products include the Cisco 7301 (a 1U NPE-G1 version), and the 7246VXR and 7304 (higher powered versions of the 7206VXR.

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