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Cisco AS5350/AS5350XM and AS5400/AS5400XM Gateways

The Cisco AS5XXX series are regarded as the "gold standard" of VOIP/Video/Data/Fax remote access server gateways, and are especially noted for their voice prompt (IVR) capabilities, compatibility with SS7 networks, and extended CODEC support. Popular, fully featured, well-supported, and widely deployed, price and features are both commonly cited as benefits.

There are four basic versions - the AS5300, AS5350/AS5350XM, AS5400/AS5400HPX/AS5400XM, and the much larger AS5850. The AS5350/AS5400/AS5850 are all universal voice/data gateways supporting both SIP and H323 as well as other dialup/data and video/media protocols, and all use the same fundamental feature cards (PRI and VOICE/DATA hardware). Click here for a step-by-step guide to selecting the chassis and components you need to design an AS5350 series or AS5400 series gateway.

Unlike the AS5350 and AS5400, the AS5300 must be configured as either a dialup gateway, or VOIP gateway, because it requires separate equipment for each. It provides an exception value for either, when exclusively voice (up to 4E1/4T1) or data (up to 8E1/8T1) are needed. Use the links below to learn more about each model.

Detailed information about these models is provided in the sections below. For help in configuring an AS5350/AS5400/XM access server, click here

Featured Products » Introduction

AS5350 / AS5350XM Gateways

Featured Products » AS5350 / AS5350XM Gateways

AS5400 / AS5400HPX / AS5400XM Gateways

Featured Products » AS5400 / AS5400HPX / AS5400XM Gateways

PVDM2-64 DSP Model of the AS5350XM/AS5400XM

Featured Products » PVDM2-64 DSP Model of the AS5350XM/AS5400XM