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Cisco AS5850 - High Density Voice/Data/Fax Access Server

The Cisco® AS5850 Universal Gateway is a high-density universal voice/data/fax gateway with carrier-class attributes, offering high availability and high capacity. It is specifically designed to meet the demands of medium to large service providers and enterprises, supporting at least 2688 ports, using Channelized T3 (CT3), 24 T1, 24 E1, or STM-1 trunk interfaces to support data, voice, and fax services. The AS5850 is a large, heavy gateway, and uses the same trunk card and DSP hardware as used in the AS5400 series, combined on special carrier cards. It offers high-availability features such as hot-swap on all cards, load-sharing and redundant hot-swappable power supplies, redundant fans for cooling, redundant enhanced-route-switch-controller (ERSC) cards, and Call Admission Control (CAC)-all part of the carrier-class attributes required to provide a highly available system. Higher-capacity configurations, depending on dial, voice, and fax application types, are also supported.

An older version - the AS5800, also exists and is compatible with the voice and data hardware used in the AS5300. While both are labeled "AS5800" on their chassis, it is important to know which you're dealing with as they are completely different. For assistance with older version AS5800 equipment, contact us.

The AS5850 comes with dual DC power, and can be provisioned with a combination of 1 or 2 eRSC (route switch controller) cards, AS58-24CT1 or 24CE1 trunk cards, AS58-CT3/216UPC combination CT3 and 216 port DSP card, and AS58-324UPC DSP card.

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