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Cisco ASA5500 and IPS4200

Cisco's current generation is the ASA5500 Security Appliance Series. There are a variety of models, beginning with small office versions, that can provide protection in ALL of the ways described above - intrusion, content filtering, and secure VPN connections.

The ASA5500 line provides a variety of advanced security features, including security over phishing, spam, hacking, spyware, and viruses. The entry level ASA5505 can have limited as well as unrestricted user versions, while higher level models (5510, 5520, 5540, 5550) offer more features. The ASA5505 is basically a small office/SOHO device, and the ASA5510 and above sport multiple gigabit interfaces as well as an SSM expansion slot for adding in modules to further enhance capabilities.Visit Cisco for differences among the models.

The picture shown here depicts a typical ASA5510/ASA5520/ASA5540 unit. All these models allow for additional hardware / software, including SSM expansion modules that can be installed - among them the ASA-SSM-CSC (Content Security and Control Security Services Module) the ASA-SSM-AIP (Advanced Inspection and Prevention Security Services Module), and an SSM-4GE module that adds 4 additional gigabit interfaces.

IPS4200 Intrusion Device: Cisco also offers a dedicated security router series focusing on intrusion detection and prevention - the IPS4200. Not as well known as the ASA5500, the IPS4200's newest models are effectively a specialized version of the ASA5520/ASA5540 focusing on intrusion. Detailed information on these devices is available from Cisco, here.

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