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Cisco CVPN3000 VPN Concentrators

Many businesses have multiple locations or staff at different locations that need secure access to a company's network. Cisco's CVPN3000 series of IPsec VPNs offer the security and encryption features necessary to protect enterprise data, IP voice, and video traffic as it traverses the Internet. While many of Cisco's products offer VPN connectivity, including the ASA5500 series, the CVPN3000 line is still exceptionally attractive for its ability to affordably link together physically independent networks and provide large scale AES/DES/3DES encrypted remote VPN access to a company's network.

Because IPsec can be deployed across any IP network, it is an attractive option for customers needing VPN services and has become the de-facto standard in remote access. CVPN3000s can be installed so that (1) authorized users can connect in using a VPN client to access a secure network and (2) multiple networks in different locations can be connected to function as one network using CVPN3000s in each location. This allows users to access network resources in multiple locations.

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