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Cisco Wireless Products

Cisco's Aironet Wireless Access Points (AP), routers, switches, and other devices, provide a blue-chip approach to free your network from wires while maintaining security and performance. Wireless access points provide excellent vehicles for extending the reach of your network to wireless client devices and to unwired locations. Wireless devices come in several flavors - there are standalone access points (AP) as well as lightweight ones (LAP) that require a separate wireless controller, bridging devices (BR) and a variety of wireless implementations of many routers and switches, using either built-in wireless hardware, or expansion cards (NM, WIC, etc) providing wireless capabilities. In the sections below, we review the most common Aironet wireless products, and feel free to contact us for information on the wireless capabilities of other routers and switches, and for models not in the current Cisco catalog (previous generation models).

Cisco Aironet Models