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Firewalls, VPN & Network Security

Cisco, and other companies, make a variety of network devices to deal with security and protection in a number of ways. The main ones are these - intrusion protection, dangerous content filtering and protection (email viruses/worms, web content, etc), and secure/encypted VPN connections. Many of Cisco's modular routers (2600/2800/2900/3700/3800/3900 lines) can be configured with software and additional hardware modules (NM/AIM/WIC cards) to provide security in all these ways. In addition, however, Cisco also has several specific lines of equipment that specialize in security, including the PIX Firewall Series (details below, or click here for a detailed comparison of PIX models, The CVPN3000 series of VPN Concentrators (details below, or Click here for more detailed CVPN3000 information, as well as the newest ASA5500 and IPS4200 security devices (details below).

Cisco ASA5500 & IPS4200 Series

Featured Products » Cisco ASA5500 & IPS4200 Series

Cisco CVPN 3000 Series

Featured Products » Cisco CVPN 3000 Series

Cisco PIX Series

Featured Products » Cisco PIX Series