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Modular Cisco Switches

MODULAR CATALYST SWITCHES (45XX and 65XX Series)  Click for full size image. Cisco WS-C6509 or WS-C6509-E Cisco Catalyst C6500 modular switches.Cisco also has a number of modular switches - they are generally designed for larger scale needs. LikeClick for full size image. Cisco WS-C6509 or WS-C6509-E Cisco Catalyst C6500 modular switches. modular routers, the components of modular switches are installed to meet specific needs - so a variety of network routing cards are available for most modular routers that enable fast ethernet, gigabit ethernet, as well as more
exotic STM, OC3, ATM, POS, and other switching functions over STM. Current popular platforms are the Cisco WS-C4500 (the WS-C4506 specific model is pictured at right with multiple switch expansion cards installed). The even larger WS-C6500 series includes the WS-C6506, C6509, and C6513. Pictured left is the popular
WS-C6509/C6509E configured with two "SUP" CPU supervisory engines (blue tabbed cards), multiple switch blades (red tabbed cards), and dual power supplies). Modular switches are typically given model names with the number of slots as the final number - thus the 6509 has 9 slots and the 4506 has 6 slots. Modular switches typically are provisioned with power supplies, supervisory engine CPUs (such as the WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE or WS-X6K-S2-MFSC2 on the C6500 series, and the WS-X4515 on the C4500 series), and a variety of switching modules. Compatible switch modules are labeled with an 'X'. For example, the WS-X6548-RJ-45  48-port 10/100BASE-T switching module provides 48 switched, 10/100-Mbps for the WS-C6506, WS-C6509, and WS-C6513. The WS-X4148-RJ provides the same for the WS-C4000 platform. We have both current and older Cisco 4000 and 6000 switches, bundles, and components available within 24 hours, so request a Click for an email quote request, or call 216-896-9967. or call us at 216-896-9967.

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