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Standard & Extended Warranty Details

ISPTrader Standard Limited Parts Replacement Warranty

ISPTrader offers a minimum one-year limited warranty on all end-user purchases, unless otherwise specified, from the date of delivery. Any warranty provided by ISPTrader provides parts replacement or repair service for failure due to defective manufacture during normal service and use. It excludes damages due to improper handling or misuse, or operation in conditions not in conformity with manufacturer specifications. Excluded damages include, but are not limited to: electrical surges, damage from water or humidity, overheating, dust accumulation, electrostatic damage, or other exposure to damaging elements or conditions. For high density port modules (individual parts with 100 or more ports), ISPTrader reserves the right to repair the defective equipment or pay a proportionate refund for any defective ports, based on the value of the individual part, at its discretion. Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping a defective item back to ISPTrader. Replacement gear shipping cost will be paid by ISPTrader.

Extended One-Year Warranty

ISPTrader offers a 1 year extended warranty and service contract for Cisco equipment. The warranty terms cover parts replacement for a period of one year from the date of delivery under the terms outlined above, and includes an advance replacement provision - ISPTrader will ship a replacement for the defective item before receiving the defective item return. The cost of an extended warranty is 15% of the purchase price, with a minimum of $150, for each additional year of extended warranty required.

Manufacturer Warranties

Some equipment sold by ISPTrader may be eligible for support and warranty service by the manufacturer. Patton equipment, for instance, includes a full 1 year warranty and product lifetime technical support and software upgrades. Refer to the manufacturer for details of their warranty services - we will be happy to try to direct you to the appropriate resources if possible.

Technical Support & Other Services

ISPTrader's sales terms include general technical assistance and advising. Your purchase entitles you to basic technical questions. This does not include specific network design work, configuration assistance, consulting, or programming, unless also contracted. Upon request, we will refer a customer to a pertinent technician when we are not able to help with a solution to a problem. All such technical assistance agreements are between the customer and technician, and ISPTrader takes no responsibility for any aspect of such agreeement, work, or outcomes. ISPTrader also has web links to technical and manufacturer resources.

Return Policy

The following policies apply to returns not covered by warranty:  For certified pre-owned equipment, there is a 15% restocking fee and the equipment must be in substantially in the same condition as received. For brand new equipment, there is a 15% restocking fee if the unit has not been registered with the manufacturer and if the unit is returned with all components, accessories, and packaging materials without any sign of wear. Otherwise there is a 25% restocking fee on new equipment. In all return cases, the equipment must be in good functional condition and the return period is 15 days (we must be notified within 15 days of delivery).