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UC500 Business Communications Telephony Systems

Small and medium size companies are rapidly replacing their aging traditional analog PBX phone systems with integrated IP-based one. These systems utilize existing ethernet wiring systems, or even wireless networks, to provide full-featured PBX type integrated telephone and communications systems that surpass in capability nearly everything previously available for a much lower price. Cisco has jumped into this market with both feet.

Cisco Small Business Communications System gateways integrate trunking, VOIP/Data/Fax/Video communications, PBX type desktop telephone systems, and IVR voice prompting and voicemail systems. They are designed to provide a complete IP-based PBX type phone system for offices and small companies. In addition to phone line management and call handling, each UC520 includes Call Manager Express and Unity Express to provide a complete telephone system solution. In addition to the UC520 gateway, add your choice of Cisco ESW switches, specifically designed for integration with your UC520 gateway, and any of the many CP series Cisco phones offered by Cisco with their variety of features.

Designed for small businesses from 8 to 64 desktops, The UC500/UC520 systems combined with Cisco CP VOIP phones provide exceptional value in a feature-rich setting. UC520 routers support a variety of trunk types to support connections to the external world, from ordinary phone lines to digital/ISDN to PRI type connections. Individual models vary in terms of the number and types of trunks (Ordinary phone lines to T1s to PRIs) and number of users. In addition to this router, a complete IP Phone Network bundle would include a choice of Cisco VOIP phones from the CP-7910, 7940, 7960 and 7970 lines, as well as one or more ESW (or other) switches.

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