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Cisco CISCO3640A-RPS : Cisco 3640A 4-slot modular router use w/AC RPS with IP Soft

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model CISCO3640A-RPS
List $6,500
Form Chassis
Dims 15.75 x 17.50 x 3.44 in.

Product Line(s)

The Cisco 3640/3640A server is equipped with four network module slots, and the Cisco 3620 has two network module slots. Dial connectivity is supported with a series of network modules offering Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Primary Rate Interface (PRI), ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI), integrated digital and analog modems, very high density asynchronous interfaces, two and four port Voice/Fax, 25-Mbps ATM, low-speed asynchronous/synchronous serial, and hardware compression assisted network modules. LAN and WAN connectivity are provided by a series of mixed-media cards supporting Ethernet, Token Ring, and a variety of WAN technologies. Routing applications are supported with high-density Ethernet and a single-port, autosensing, Fast Ethernet network module. Voice and Fax multiservice applications are also supported with integrated voice network modules and voice interface cards.

The Cisco 3600 is an ideal upgrade to branches that have outgrown their current routing hardware and require the next generation of hardware for their "power branch" applications. The flexibility of the Cisco 3600 Series enables you to support a variety of solutions for the power branch office environment. No matter how much your requirements may vary from place to place, the Cisco 3600 platform has the performance and diversity to meet your needs at a very costeffective price. For instance, a branch office using ISDN to connect to the main office may require dedicated Frame Relay service in a year's time with increased traffic on the network—without a forklift upgrade in the wiring closet. As a multifunction solution, you can rely upon the outstanding performance, reliability, security, and flexibility of the Cisco 3600 platform to meet your needs for many years. Multiple devices become quite expensive to manage, configure, and support when compared to a single, multifunction device with integrated management, configuration, and single vendor support.

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