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Cisco CISCO576-LRE : Long Reach Ethernet CPE for use with WS-C2950ST LRE switches.

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model CISCO576-LRE
List $145
Form Chassis
Weight 0.5 lbs
Dims 1.70 x 5.00 x 6.00 in.

Product Line(s)

The Cisco Long-Reach Ethernet solution meets the demands of high bandwidth applications while leveraging the existing copper wiring infrastructures. Catalyst® 2950 Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) Series switches enables enterprise and service provider customers to extend intelligent services over existing phone and legacy wiring to distances up to 5000 feet.

Each LRE link is terminated with either the 576 LRE Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). This LRE is compatible with Cisco's WS-C2950ST line of LRE switches, but NOT the earlier Catalyst 2900 LRE XL switches. Please refer to the Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE, Cisco Catalyst 2900 LRE XL and Cisco LRE POTS Splitter data sheets for more information.

These compact devices bridge LRE and Ethernet, and provide one (575) or four (585) RJ-45 switched Ethernet connections and two RJ-11 connectors—one for the wall and one for a telephone. The Cisco LRE CPEs can be mounted on or under a desk, or on a wall. It ships with a mount lock-in mechanism and clip-on Ethernet cable guard to discourage theft, as well as an Ethernet cord (575 only). The Cisco LRE CPEs device supports POTS traffic—including ISDN or digital phones—that coexists over the same LRE line by splitting LRE and POTS traffic at the CPE device. A POTS Splitter is required for connectivity to the PBX and LRE switch stack.

The Cisco 576 CPE is managed remotely through Command Line Interface (CLI) on the LRE switches or through Cluster Management Suite (CMS). Ethernet statistics and Remote Monitoring (RMON) support are available from the switch for both CPEs. CPE Ethernet port configuration is readable via SNMP. The speed and duplex of the Fast Ethernet ports on the CPEs are configurable with the speed and duplex defaults set to auto-negotiate and half respectively. Both CPEs pass though 802.1Q tags but do not perform any tagging. The Cisco 575 and 585 LRE CPEs are hot-swappable without powering down the switch or disrupting the other switch ports. Customers cannot link two LRE CPEs back-to-back. Each LRE CPE must connect to an LRE switch port.

Cisco 575 LRE CPE Device

The Cisco 576 LRE CPE is a simple one-port bridge that translates LRE into Ethernet. The Cisco 575 CPE has one Fast Ethernet port and two RJ-11 connectors: one for the analog phone and one for the LRE link. It has specialized features that enable to work in enhanced mode with 2950ST LRE switches, but is not compatible with the earlier 2912 and 2924 LRE switches (the 575 CPE is required for those).

Product Datasheet(s)