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Cisco DS58-PWR-2AC/E : DS5800 Dual AC Power Option (200 VAC)- Enhanced

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model DS58-PWR-2AC/E
List $10,000
Form Power Supply
Weight 11.0 lbs
Dims 13.60 x 17.32 x 5.25 in.

Product Line(s)

The AC-input power shelf includes two 2,000-watt (W) AC-input power supplies that plug into a common power backplane in the AC-input power shelf. A single AC-input power supply is capable of powering a fully configured Cisco 5814 dial shelf. A second power supply provides full redundancy.

During normal operation, the dual AC-input power supplies provide automatic load-sharing, with each power supply supporting 50 percent of the power load. When you remove one of the AC-input power supplies, the remaining power supply immediately ramps up to full power and maintains uninterrupted system power.

The AC-input power shelf is three rack units high [5.25 in. (13.32 cm)], and mounts underneath the dial shelf in a standard 19-in., 4-post or telco-type rack assembly. Note the rack placement of the AC-input power shelf in Figure 1.

All cable connections for AC-input power, DC-output power, and status signals are made from the AC-input power shelf rear. (See ) Two modular power cables connect each AC-input power supply to the site AC-input power source. Two DC-interconnect cables provide DC-output power to the dial shelf. A monitor cable provides a status signal connection to the dial shelf filter module maintenance bus (MBus), that monitors voltage tolerance levels, temperature conditions, and power failure in the AC-input power shelf. A grounding cable provides a ground connection from the AC-input power shelf to the dial shelf.

The AC-input power supply operates between 200 and 240 VAC input voltage and supplies -48 VDC to the dial shelf. The AC-input power supply uses a power factor corrector (PFC) that automatically adjusts for the input voltage being supplied.

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