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Cisco MIX-3660-64 : MIX card for Cisco 3660 Series Routers

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model MIX-3660-64
List $650
Form Module
Weight 2.5 lbs
Dims 3.00 x 4.50 x 1.55 in.

Product Line(s)

MIX solution on the Cisco 3660 multiservice platform comprises a special combination of hardware and software components. The hardware consists of a multiservice interchange card, also called a MIX module (MIX-3660-64), and one or more of the Voice/WAN interface cards (VWIC), the Fast Ethernet network modules (NM-xFE2W), the High-Density Voice network modules (HDV) and the ATM OC-3 CES network modules (NM-1A-OC3XX-1V). The software is any of the Cisco IOS feature sets starting with Release 12.1(5)XM1 or 12.2(1)T.

MIX-enabled Cisco 3660 platform provides the ability to integrate voice and data on the same T1/E1 interface without the need for an external time-division multiplexing (TDM) device. The MIX module (MIX-3660-64) is designed for Cisco 3660 platform only, and it plugs into the TDM slot on the motherboard of a Cisco 3660. Cisco 3660 platform now can support up to 16Mbps of full duplex TDM switching capacity to or from a MIX enabled network module over the multiservice interchange card.

The Cisco 3660 with the installation of a MIX module (MIX-3660-64) provides:

* TDM switching of latency and delay sensitive traffic such as voice and video across the backplane

* Integrated Add/Drop Multiplexing (D&I) capability across different T1/E1 spans

* DSP resource sharing across two different MIX-enabled network modules

* ATM CES applications

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