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Cisco OSM-4GE-WAN-GBIC : 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Optical Services Module, GBIC

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
List $45,000
Form Module
Weight 11.0 lbs
Dims 16.00 x 14.40 x 1.20 in.

Product Line(s)

The Cisco 7600 is a high performance router which evolves from a specific set of Catalyst 6500 Family foundation elements combined with new high speed WAN modules, and is specifically intended for service provider networks. Each Cisco 7600 provides a NEBS-3 compliant chassis. The Cisco 7600 route processing and forwarding is a fully redundant configuration with the ability to route using such core protocols as BGP4, IS-IS, and OSPF, as well as support for QoS and packet filtering with line rate performance. The Cisco 7600 also includes a 256 Gbps switch fabric enabling high aggregate throughput. The Cisco 7600 can be configured with Optical Services Modules and any combination of traditional Catalyst 6000 family interfaces, including the FlexWAN module, which provides for outstanding scalability, with WAN interfaces from DS0 through 0C48/STM-16 and LAN interfaces from 10Mbps Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet.
Feature Summary

* High performance application of QoS services with capacity for up to 4000 queues, where each queue is serviced for IP QoS features such as traffic shaping.
* High performance application of destination sensitive services, such as destination sensitive traffic shaping and rate limiting, as well as destination sensitive traffic accounting
* High performance forwarding of distributed IP services, at rates of up to 3 Mpps per module, in either receive or transmit directions.
* Compatibility with either the new Cisco 7600 or the Catalyst 6500 chassis (provided the Catalyst 6500 has been appropriately upgraded).
* Deep packet buffering to maximize TCP throughput, with advanced traffic management and prioritization schemes to ensure deterministic packet delivery.

Product Datasheet(s)