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Cisco PA-VXC-2TE1+ : 2 port TE1 hi-capacity enhanced voice PA

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model PA-VXC-2TE1+
List $23,400
Form Module

Product Line(s)

he Cisco® Enhanced Digital Voice Port Adapter (PA-VXC-2TE1+) for the Cisco 7200 Series Router provides high-capacity voice, termination to private branch exchanges (PBXs), and the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for central-site and large-branch office packet-voice applications.
The enhanced digital voice port adapter product line includes the Cisco 2-Port T1, E1 High-Capacity Enhanced Digital Voice Port Adapter (PA-VXC-2TE1+). Supported on the Cisco 7200 Series Router, the port adapter offers industry-leading features and performance.

The enhanced digital voice port adapter is a highly integrated solution offering voice-channel density and application flexibility. The single-width port adapter incorporates two universal ports that can be configured for either T1 or E1 connection with high-performance digital signal processors (DSP) that support up to 120 channels of compressed voice (refer to Table 1 for number of channels supported by the port adapter). Integrated channel service units/digital service units (CSUs/DSUs) echo cancellation and DS-0 drop-and-insert functions eliminate the need for external line-termination devices and multiplexers, simplifying network design and management.
The enhanced digital voice port adapter offers an end-to-end interoperable voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution. Powerful voice management on the Cisco 7200 Series Router is offered through the CiscoWorks Voice Manager 2.0 Web-based user interface for provisioning, configuration, and monitoring functions. Device-level network management is also available using the Cisco Element Management Framework (EMF)-based Element Management System (EMS). End-to-end network management and fault, configuration, accounting, provisioning, and security (FCAPS) are available using Cisco Info Center, Cisco Provisioning Center (CPC), and third-party FCAPS products.
The enhanced digital-voice port adapter provides a solution for several common applications, including toll bypass, Cisco Unified Communications products, voice over packet (IP, ATM, or Frame Relay), managed customer premises equipment (CPE), and fax gateway services

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