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Cisco VIP6-80 : Services Accelerator Versatile Interface Processor 6-80

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Product Specifications

Mfg Cisco
Model VIP6-80
List $15,000
Form Module
Weight 6.0 lbs

Product Line(s)

The Cisco VIP6-80 Services Accelerator is ideal for networks that require the highest-speed interfaces such as OC-12 or OC-3 ATM or channelized STM-1 combined with the application of Layer 3-7 services to these interfaces. Performance on these interfaces is significantly enhanced when certain features and QoS services are enabled. Examples of some of these distributed features and QoS services include the following:

* Distributed Committed Access Rate (dCAR)
* Distributed Weighted Fair Queuing (dWFQ)
* Distributed Weighted Random Early Detection (dWRED)
* Distributed Traffic Shaping (dTS)
* Distributed Network-Based Application Recognition (dNBAR)
* Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
* MPLS Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

The Cisco VIP6-80 Services Accelerator is available in new system deployments and as an upgrade to existing VIP2 or VIP4-based systems. The Cisco VIP6-80 is compatible with the Cisco VIP2 and VIP4 and all VIP4-supported port adapters as well as all existing route switch processors (RSPs), including the Cisco RSP16.

The Cisco VIP6-80 Services Accelerator ensures high throughput, even while applying the broad set of intelligent Layer 3-7 services available with the Cisco 7500 Series Router.

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