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Product Support Services

Programming, Trouble-Shooting & Consulting

ISPTrader offers complete hourly Cisco programming, trouble-shooting, and consulting services. Our hourly rate is $200, and estimates of time required for particular projects are available. Our acceptance of individual projects depends on the availability of technicians qualified to complete the project.

Fixed-Cost VOIP Configuration

ISPTrader also offers fixed-cost configuration services for VOIP gateways. This means that we set a price, in advance, for complete configuration of your VOIP gateway. Once a gateway is given a basic IP and password configuration, our technicians can access it remotely, working in collaboration with you to gather needed information, to configure the unit as needed. Additional network configuration work may be required beyond that of the gateway - for example additional routers, switches, call-managers, authentication and other servers, and other components. Assistance with these matters is normally outside of the fixed-configuration service related to setting up your VOIP gateway, but may also be available as a part of our hourly services if needed.

Network Equipment Repair

ISPTrader also offers Cisco network equipment repair service. Pricing and repair ability varies, so please contact us describing the item needing repair and the problem as best you can describe it. Repair fees are only charged if the item is repairable. If not, you only pay for the shipping costs.